Agriculture websites

BBC GCSE Bitesize revision website dealing with agriculture:

BBCGCSE Bitesize revision dealing with agricultural issues and change:

BBC Scotland: people employed in agriculture:

BBC Northern Ireland agriculture links:

BBC GCSE Bitesize revision, farming in rural areas:

BBC GCSE Bitesize revision: characteristics

of farming:

UK Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs:

Video with transcript and links about sheep and sheep breeding:

Video about pig growth and pig breeding, with video transcript:

Play The Farming Game - run your own farm!

Farmville is game that allows you to create the farm of your dreams using hundreds of crops and trees. It works via Facebook:

Studystack has flashcards for learning about the vocabulary of agriculture:

Here is an Austrian website (in English) with information about agriculture and animal farming:

Youtube materials

Here is a video about farming, climate change and hunger: