Biology websites

Revision materials for GCSE and A-levels, including hints and tips for passing exams

This site allows you to do experiments (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

This is the BBC Bitseize revision website for Sottish Stanard level:

This is the BBC revision website for Scottish Higher level:

This is an animated website for animated cell biology (in several languages):

For example, for mitosis:

An animated biology site with 106 tutuorials:

For example, Chemical bonds includes animation, narration and a quiz:

BBC website on the human body:

Powerpoint presentations for all subjects:

Times Educational Supplement. Check out the teacher forums too – free sign-up:

Create and share materials and resources for your subject:

Biology site with super visuals, text and animation at A level:

Navigate your way around this site to find and use documentaries about your subject, transcripts are provided as well as class worksheets to go with them at Teacher Resources:

A virtual microscope that allows you to operate it and look at things:

This has 4 animations on yeast and you can do virtual experiments:

Biology lessons at home:

Biology online:

This site has revision materials for preparing 16 year olds for GCSE exam subjects:

This site has fascinating talks by remarkable people:

Advanced biology website:

Super site for science animations, lesson starters, revision, lesson plans at all levels:

A level biology with super animations:

Biology teaching materials:

BBC Human Planet trailer:

Biology in motion website with animation and presentations:

Cells Alive website with interactive menus for cell division:

MIT Opencourseware for High Schools, biology exam preparation:

The brain from top to bottom - this is a fantastic website with animation and explanations at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels :

(Strongly recommended) PhET Interactive Simulations for all levels of science from Primary to University level:

Rubrics for science teachers:

Chilldren's University of Manchester:

Science website:

yTeach is an elearning superstore where you can find, buy and use high-quality teaching and learning resources for biology:

Brightstorm Science is great teachers explaining concepts and sample problems on video:

Great website for making tests for your learners and it keeps records of the marks online, times the test and provides feedback:

This website provides animation of key biological processes, cell function overview and its anatomy, concept of gene expression and principle of evolution, and it is all in English, German, Spanish, French, and other languages:

Excellent maths and science website which is available in all European languages:

Interactive website from Utah University for learners to find out about genetics:

3D anatomy of the human body:

Great site for biologists - just watch, listen and learn:

Great website for learners to use:

Wonderful videos for biology:

Bilingual German-English biology website with teaching materials:

Biology materials to use or adapt for your classes:

Useful biology website:

McGrawhill: Excellent colour animations of biological processes with narration:

This website has very clear and simple science videos for the first years of secondary school:

Do a free course yourself on genetics and evolution:

Short biography on Edward Jenner, who saved more lives than anyone else in human history: and find out more at the Jenner Museum:

The parts and functions of a microscope:

Games for learning about the parts and functions of a microscope: ch

Clear and simple explanations of biology:

These are the resources that go with the excellent Professor Penguin Channel on youtube:

Animation of how the digestive system absorbs proteins and nutrients:

English-online has biology articles which have been rewritten to make them easier for learners of English to understand:

Here is a website for teaching about Evolution with teaching materials and research information, also in Spanish and Turkish:

Here are useful biology notes on Genetics:

Spark Notes provides summaries and notes on studying biology:

Educational Videos, Games and Lessons for K-12 learners:

Spongelab has stunning science content with free animations, games, images, and lesson plans:

Bozeman Science has videos and clear explanations:

TWIG is a brilliant website that has three minute videos for science - it is not expensive and has some CLIL materials as well:

LEARN GENETICS UTAH UNIVERSITY is a great website to learn everything about genetics starting from the basics:

WILEY has great materials for biology, for example, Mendelian Inheritance:

Youtube biology extracts

The Professor Penguin Channel has clear, excellent tutorials on biology - strongly recommended:

Basic atomic structure:

The Inner life of the cell, Harvard University:

The Inner life of the cell with music and narration:

The wonders of the human body BBC Explorations:

T4 virus infecting a bacteria:

Bacteriaphage T4 assembly:

Linkin Park song about the environment "What I`ve done":

Visible Body: 3D Human Anatomy:

Digestive System animated (advanced):

Time lapse growth of mould on a cup of tea:

Darwin on The Beagle and his voyage of evolutionary discovery:

Anatomy of the brain stem:

Human anatomy - the liver: this has useful text and animation, though the spoken pronunciation of the text could be better:

How the heart works:

Moving short personal documentary on the genetic disorder Huntingdon's disease:

Part 1 of a BBC documentary series about the history of science:

Example animation of DNA replication:

How a virus changes the world:

Photosynthesis explained in a simple and clear way:

Photosynthesis explained with animation and subtitles:

Photosynthesis: the chemical formula and animation:

Cell division and the cell cylce (with text):

Cell cycle and mitosis animation with detailed spoken subtitles:

Detailed and really clear description (17 mins) of cell cycle and mitosis:

Mitosis - the clearest and simplest explanation and animation for learners:

Gregor Mendel:

Bozeman Science has super biology videos and explanations:

Crash course biology has 40 short and clear videos explaining topics:

The Five Fingers of Evolution - a great way to help your learners remember the 5 stages of evolution:

Transport of water and salts in plants:

Biology songs

The mitosis song:

The meiosis square dance song:

PCR song that is great fun:

Mr Edmonds: The Photosynthesis Song:

The photosynthesis song:

Photosynthesis song: they might be giants:

The Cell Song:

The Protein Synthesis Song:

Molecules Gone Wild:

Gregor Mendel song:

The DNA Song - with lyrics for learners to sing-along:

THE DNA song - for learners to sing at the start of a lesson:

Mr Parr sings the Organelles Song:

Pinky and the brain - identifying the parts:

Photosynthesis rap song - with dancing frog!

Biology online dictionaries

Films which have some biology content

Contagion (2011, Gwyneth Paltrow) ( Film trailer:

The Story of Science (2010, BBC Documentary series)

Cell (2009, BBC Docmunetary bonus feature)

Darwin: The Voyage That Shook The World (dramatised documentary, 2009) (Film trailer:

Creation (2009, Paul Bettany) (Film trailer:

An Inconvenient Truth (2006, Al Gore) (Film trailer:

Darwin's Nightmare (2004, Documentary)

The Day After Tomorrow (2004, Dennis Quaid) (Film trailer:

Gattaca (1997, Ethan Hawke) (Film trailer:

Outbreak (1995, Dustin Hoffman) (Film trailer:

Lorenzo's Oil (1992, Nick Nolte) (Film trailer:

The Emerald Forest (1985, Powers Boothe) (Film trailer:

The Voyage of Charles Darwin (1978, Malcolm Stoddard)

Soylent Green (1973, Charlton Heston) (Film trailer:

Fantastic Voyage (1966, Raquel Welch) (Film trailer:


Excellent clear description of science, including physics, biology, chemistry, and geology:"A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson, ISBN: 9780552997041

Biology books for teaching

Edexcel IGCSE Human Biology: ISBN: 978 0 435044 13 8

Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology (Publisher: Pearson) ISBN: 978-0-321-66017-6

AQA A2 Biology (Publisher: Nelson Thornes) ISBN: 978-0-7487-98131

Henderson's Dictionary of Biology (Eleanor Lawrence) (pub. Pearson) ISBN: 978 1 4082 3430 3

Publisher websites

Nelson Thornes


Hodder Education:

Cambridge University Press:

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