Chemistry websites

BBC Scotland Standard (GCSE) revision website:

BBC Scotland Higher (AS level) revision website:

Revision materials for GCSE and A-levels, including hints and tips for passing exams

AS and A2 chemistry

Advanced level chemistry website:

This website is for post-16 students studying all A-level chemistry specifications, IB and Scottish Highers

This site allows you to do experiments (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Revision website for GCSE chemistry:

Powerpoint presentations for all subjects:

Times Educational Supplement. Check out the teacher forums too – free sign-up:

Create and share materials and resources for your subject:

Navigate your way around this site to find and use documentaries about your subject, transcripts are provided as well as class worksheets to go with them at Teacher Resources:

This site has revision materials for preparing 16 year olds for GCSE exam subjects:

Super site for science animations, lesson starters, revision, lesson plans at all levels:
This site has fascinating talks by remarkable people:
Science teaching materials:

Chemistry website for exploring aspect sof chemistry:

MIT Opencourseware for High Schools, chemistry materials:

Find here classic chemistry experiments, presentations, handouts and worksheets:

(Strongly recommended) PhET Interactive Simulations for all levels of science from Primary to University level:

Rubrics for science teachers:

Science website:

yTeach is an elearning superstore where you can find, buy and use high-quality teaching and learning resources for chemistry:

Brightstorm Science is great teachers explaining concepts and sample problems on video:

Great website for making tests for your learners and it keeps records of the marks online, times the test and provides feedback:

(Highly recommended) At this website you can download free the Periodic Table, it is interactive, easy to use and understand, and you can see the elements, see their atomic structure, find out about their history and properties:

Website for chemistry and chemical engineering, with simulations, in English, Catalan and Spanish:

Excellent science website which is available in all European languages:

Website for AS and A level Chemistry, with useful definitions, tests and further chemistry links:

Great website for learners to use:

Chemistry materials to use as they are or adapt for your learners:

This website has very clear and simple science videos for the first years of secondary school:

Do a free course yourself on analytical chemistry:


CHEMICAL FORMULA - writng chemcial formula to balancing equations, plus interactive chemistry worksheets:

Spark Notes provides summaries and notes on studying chemistry:

Free educational videos for learning about chemistry:

Spongelab has stunning science content with free animations, games, images, and lesson plans:

Bozeman Science has videos and clear explanations for chemistry:

Twig is a brilliant website that has three minute videos for science - it is not expensive and has some CLIL materials as well:

The distillation process:

How to set up equipment for distillation:

CHEM4KIDS has materials you can use for introducing basic chemistry such as elements, the Periodic Table, atmos and matter:

Sodium reacting with water:

Alkali metals reacting with water:

How to balance a chemical equation:

This is a wonderful interactive version of the Periodic Table (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) which has super pictures and information about all the elements - you can even write your name using the chemical symbols:

Practical chemistry website with experiments:

The Periodic Table:

The Periodic Table of the elements:

Amazing videos about all the elements in the Periodic Table:

ELEMENTS 4D Visit this website, download the App, and learn about elements in 3 dimensions and 4 dimensions:

Here is where you download the paper version:

And the App looks like this:


NOVA Elements

nova a pp.PNG

This works on your PC with Windows 10 and as an App. It explains why the Periodic Table is shaped the way it is, what gives each element its own unique set of properties, how elements combine to make everyday objects, etc. Explore the interactive Periodic Table. Great fun.

Youtube chemistry materials

The basic structure of the atom:

Experiment demonstrating photosynthesis:

All 118 elements of the Periodic Table in 10 minutes:

Sodium and water experiment:

Part 1 of a BBC documentary series about the history of science:

Elephant toothpaste:

Documentary on trhe life of Marie Curie:

Bozeman Science has a collection of videos and explanations for chemistry:

Crash Course chemistry has 43 short and clear videos on chemistry topics:

Distillation demonstrated:

Setting up equipment for the distillation process:

Reaction of potassium and water:

Reaction of sodium and water:

Sodium and water experiment:

Explosion of alkali metals with water:

Brainiac - Alkali Metals:

Balancing a redox reaction:

Chemistry humour

Mr Bean back at school in the chemistry lab:

Chemistry songs

Mr Edmonds: The Chemical Bonds song:

Mr Edmonds: The Periodic Table Song:

Good song for learning about the Chemistry of life:

Song about meeting the elements:

Chemistry song: "Happy Mole Day":

Tom Lehrer Chemistry elements song:

The NEW Periodic Table song:

A song about quarks:

The Chemical Party song:

Chemists Know song:

They might be giants: Meet the elements:

Online chemistry dictionaries

A free online chemistry dictionary with 1800 terms and definitions:

A glossary of chemistry terms:


Excellent clear description of science, including physics, biology, chemistry, and geology:"A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson, ISBN: 9780552997041

Chemistry teaching books

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Coursebook (3rd edition) (by Richard Harwood Ian Lodge) ISBN: 978-0-521-15333-1

Chemistry for the IB Diploma (by Talbot, Harwood, Coates) Hodder Education ISBN: 978-0-340-98505-2

IGCSE Chemistry (by Bryan Earl and Doug Wilford) Hodder Education ISBN: 978-0-340-981887

AQA A2 Chemistry (Publisher: Nelson Thornes) ISBN: 978-0-7487-82796

Publisher websites

Nelson Thornes


Cambridge University Press:

Hodder Education:

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