Engineering websites

Website for an English-German magazine for engineers, with lots of technical data and expressions:

MIT Opencourseware, introductory course for engineering:

Free Tech Books lists free online books for engineering and lecture notes:

A Design and Technology website:

Wolfram for computing and engineering:

This website is written specifically for engineering students with tutorials on course topics and information on both FE and the LEED GA (important for American civil engineers):

Disney produced this fun animation of hand tools in 1945: and Part 2:

Archive resources for the history of engineering and science:

Do a free course yourself on an introduction to engineering mechanics:

Download fun, curriculum-related activities to explore engineering:

BBC Engineering science website:

Educational Java Applets to help visualise concepts in engineering, maths and physics:

Explore this website for free Design and Technology materials:

Worksheets, materials, ideas and links for teaching technical and engineering English:

Youtube materials

Heat engines and the second law of thermodynamics:

German Technology: VW bike:

German technology: Bed TV:

German Technology: Clever table design:

Building an airplane:

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