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WOLFRAMMATHWORLD is the world's most extensive maths resource:

For BBC GCSE Maths revision:

BBC Scotland Standard (GCSE) revision website:

BBC Scotland Higher (AS level) revision website:

For AS/A level

Revision materials for GCSE and A-levels, including hints and tips for passing exams

(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) PhET Interactive Simulations allows you to do maths and science simulations for all levels from Primary to University level:

For 1000 online maths lessons (you have to pay) and to watch a free sample lesson go to:

Teach AS level Core modules for maths . Buy presentations for whiteboard and dataprojector. See free sample:

A level and GCSE maths revision made easy:

Maths is fun:

This website has lessons in maths:

This website is for all levels of maths:

This website has videos of maths lessons:

Maths site with good glossary

Lots of free maths resources and worksheets:

Site with maths lesson plans and many examples for solving problems:

Powerpoint presentations for all subjects:

Times Educational Supplement. Check out the teacher forums too – free sign-up:

Grades 6 to 12 Maths glossary:

Navigate your way around this site to find and use documentaries about your subject, transcripts are provided as well as class worksheets to go with them at Teacher Resources:

Christophe Derambure, a teacher of Mathematics in Northern France, established this site in 2008 to provide up to date resources and documents to support the teaching of Mathematics and information on the latest developments:

Maths starter of the day. Start your maths lessons with exercises to boost the power of your brain:

This site has revision materials for preparing 16 year olds for GCSE exam subjects:

For maths simulations using applets showing waves, oscillations, etc:

A level maths and GCSE maths revision made easy:

Maths teaching materials for different levels:

12 days of Christmas - lesson idea for exploring discrete maths:

The isosceles triangle theorem - example tutorial:

Mathematics learning strategies, plus shapes for making games and puzzles:

This website has over 2,000 free maths videos:

List of mathematical symbols:

Mind maps for summarising topics in maths:

Fun and games with maths:

The mathematics of the movie "21":

Trailer for the movie "21":

MIT opencourseware on calculus for High Schools:

Patrick Just Making Maths Tutorials - free videos of maths:

This is a good demonstration of spatial intelligence - someone solving Rubik's Cube blindfolded in 28 seconds:

Rubrics for Maths:

Maths in films:

This is a bilingual Spanish and English maths website:

Maths and Science website:

Here is free mathematics software for learning and teaching. It has interactive graphics, algebra, spreadsheets, and free learning materials from elementary school to university level:

yTeach is an elearning superstore where you can find, buy and use high-quality teaching and learning resources for maths:

Brightstorm Math is great teachers explaining concepts and sample problems on video:

Great website for making tests for your learners and it keeps records of the marks online, times the test and provides feedback:

Wolfram for mathematics:

Bilingual Maths website with problems and solutions:

Excellent maths and science website which is available in all European languages:

Fun maths exercises for all levels:

Lessons, materials, and applications from the National Council of Teachers of Maths, USA:

Maths games and fun for middle school level learners:

The 10 best mathematicians:

The Open University - learn more about maths with their free courses: and

Super website that shows videos of maths teachers giving lessons from beginner to advanced:

Free website with animated maths tutorials - excellent for self-study and reinforcement:

The web's most extensive resource for maths:

Great website for learners to use:

Play maths jeopardy games - excellent as review and classroom practice activities:

This website has videos, tutorials, ipad videos, and exam practice sheets:

Do a free course yourself on an introduction to mathematical thinking:

Interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculs from elementary to university level, thousands of free materials:

Very good website for checking definitions, finding answers to questions, and worksheets at all levels:

Educational Java Applets to help visualise concepts in maths, physics and engineering:

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics is sharing teaching expertise at Primary and Secondary levels in English schools:

DESMOS: Explore maths with Desmos - grapg functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equestions, explore transformations, and much more - for free!: Here is trhe calculator: And here are classroom activities:

Educational Videos, Games and Lessons for K-12 learners:

Free eductional videos for learning about maths:

MathAntics has funny videos with clear explanations for starting maths - watch the vidoes with your classes - great fun:

Prometheanplanet has free teaching materials for maths:

MAFA FUNCTION PLOTTER is a server based function plotting program which allows you to plot function graphs without any installation. Includes automatic syntax correction. Used by schools and universities:

Here is a German MATHS DOMINOES game you can buy:

Youtube Maths materials

Exam Solutions: one example of many youtube illustrated solutions to Edexcel A level maths exam questions:

Exam Solutions: here is another example of someone explaining and showing how to solve a maths problem, in this case, one of probability:

Further example of spoken descriptions and illustration of how to solve maths problems:

Introduction to probability using Chevalier de Méré's work on probability:

Maths is beautiful - a demonstration of some of the most beautiful formulas in maths:

Part of a documentary on Daniel Tammet who can count the value of pi to more than 20,000 digits:

The dot and line: a romance in lower mathematics:

Fermat's Last Theorem - documentary on finding the solution:

A night of numbers - multiplication in Ethiopia:

Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land:

TV Crime Series called Numb3rs with a mathematician:

The Monty Hall Problem:

The Monty Hall problem as demonstrated in the film "21":

The Golden Ratio in the Human Body:

Arthur Benjamin - Mathemagician:

Solving linear equations:

Solving linear equations with the distributive property:


BBC documentary about the history of maths:

Maths mistakes in movies and TV:

Who wants to be a millionaire: When not knowing Math can cost you $15,000:

The Story of 1:

Wonderful example of how nature makes mathematical shapes with bubbles:

The Poincaré Conjecture:

Clear explanation of irrational numbers:

Super BBC documentary from the past about great unsolved mathematical problems:

Point of discontinuity explained:

Fibonacci Sequence in maths and nature:

Fascinating TED talk by Marcus du Sautoy on symmetry:

Five minute maths - graphing linear equations:

Infinity paradoxes:

Is there a God or is the universe an accident or is it the result of physical and mathematical laws? Watch "Through the worm hole" series from the Discovery Channel:

Example of a maths presentation from KHAN ACADEMY on congruent legs and base of an isoscleles triangle:

Having fun learning about statistics:

Having fun learning about algebra:

Having fun learning about calculus:

Having fun learning about trignometry:

Euclid's Elements illustrated and animated:

Explanation of mean, median and mode:

Statistics: mean, median and mode:

Flatland: life in a two-dimensional world:

Flatland 2: Sphereland:

Maths tutorials: The sine and cosine rules:


Colin Dodds maths songs: there are lots of these you can use - start here with an example and explore the rest:

Tom Lehrer comedy song on "New Math":

Another version of the Tom Lehrer song "New Math" with clever mime:

The pi song (good for numbers!):

Song about circle, radius, diameter:

Kate Bush singing a pi song:

Popular song for mean, median and mode:

A great song called "I will derive":

This is a song AND physical movements for the teacher (!) and learners to copy so they will remember the formula:

Song for learning trig ratios:

Song that explains special right triangles:

Rap song to help learners remember definitions of sine, cosine, and tan:

Song called "What do you know about math?":

Fun song called "789":

Another song on why 6 is afraid of 7:

Quadratic formula song by two girls:

The Polygon Song - a song about a boring square wanting to be a polygon:

Trigonometry rap song:

Teach me how to factor rap song:

The Trapezoid (US) song, with links to other shape songs:

Mr Edmonds: The Regular Objects Volume Song:

Colin Dodd's Pythagorean Theorem Song:

The Polygon Song:

Song about 3D shapes:

First, introduce Graphs of functions: beautiful dance moves:

and then use the Graph Dance Moves:


Funny Abbot and Costello film extract showing how 7 times 13 equals 28:

Funny film extract showing that 25 divided by 5 equals 14:

Mr Bean doing a maths test (full version):

Mr Bean doing a maths test (5 minute version):

Big Bang Theory comedy series:

Maths Podcasts

BBC radio podcast of 10 programmes of 15 minutes each on a brief History of Mathematics:

Maths dictionary websites

The web's most extensive resource for maths:

Geman-English maths dictionary:

FILMS with maths content

x + y (2014, Asa Butterfield) (Film trailer:

The Imitation Game (2014, Benedict Cumberpatch) (Film trailer:

Flatland 2: Sphereland (2012, Kirsten Bell) (Film trailer:

The Code (2011, BBC Documentary) (Trailer:

Codebreaker - The Alan Turing Story (2011, Ed Stoppard) (Film trailer:

Agora (2009, Rachel Weisz) (Film trailer:

21 (2008, Kevin Spacey) (Film trailer:

The Story of Maths (2008, BBC Documentary) (Film trailer:

Fermat's Room (2007, Alejo Sauros) (Film trailer:

Flatland (2007, Ashley Blackwell) (Film trailer:

The Da Vinci Code (2006, Tom Hanks) (Film trailer:

The Music of the Primes (2005, BBC Documentary) (Film trailer:

Enigma (2001, Dougray Scott) (Film trailer:

A Beautiful Mind (2001, Russell Crowe) (Film trailer:

Pi (1998, Sean Gullette) (Film trailer:

Good Will Hunting (1997, Matt Damon) (Film trailer:

Stand and Deliver (1988, Edward James Elmos) (Film trailer:


"Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Teaching Mathematics in English" by Nadja Wilhelmer ISBN: 978639057218

"The Little Book of Mathematical Formulae" helps you to speak mathematics:


To order copies of this delightful and useful book, email the author:

The following booklets are translations of maths exercises into English from German and can be purchased via the email addresses:

"Calculus: Exercises with Answers" (2012) by Erhard Rhyn, email:

"Trigonometry and Vector Geometry: Exercises with Answers" (2009) by Erhard Rhyn, email:

The following two books are maths exercises in English produced by two maths teachers in Switzerland:

"Functions: Exercises with Answers" by Lukas Fischer and Roman Oberholzer, email: or

"Algebra and Geometry: Exercises with Answers" by Lukas Fischer and Roman Oberholzer, email: or

Other commercially published books are:

"Mathematics Standard Level for the IB Diploma" (OUP) by R. Smedley and G. Wiseman, ISBN: 970-0-19-91-4979-7

"Introducing Pure Mathematics" (OUP) by R. Smedley, ISBN: 978-0-19-914803-5

Publisher websites

Nelson Thornes

Hodder Education:

Cambridge University Press:

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