Music websites

BBC - GCSE Bitesize revision:

This website has materials for Dance, Music, Theatre, and the Visual Arts:

Powerpoint presentations for all subjects:

Music technology school in Birmingham with games, quizzes and worksheets:

Spanish website with music and art resources:

Excellent games, quizzes and resources for teachers:

Site for English kids, visit an orchestra:

Times Educational Supplement. Check out the teacher forums too – free sign-up:

Create and share materials and resources for your subject:

BBC documentary called "The Genius of Mozart that explores the life and music of Mozart in18 episodes of 10 minutes.

Highly recommed:

BBC documentary "The Genius of Beethoven" in 18 episodes of 10 minutes:

BBC documentary "Tschaikowsky" in 12 episodes of 10 minutes:

This site has revision materials for preparing 16 year olds for GCSE exam subjects:

Music teaching materials for different levels:

A music learning website from the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, e.g. instruments of the orchestra:

For interactive ideas see:

Dallas Symphony Orchestra for children to learn about music and composers:

MIT Opencourseware, introductory course on music:

TED Talk. The Transformative power of classical music:

BBC website materials for Music:

BBC website on Music Technology:

Sound Cloud allows you to create audio and sounds you can share with friends, fans and followers everywhere:

Music website all about music:

Website where you can make and record music:

Youth music education website:

Music lesson plans for the classroom:

10 things you need to know about the timpani:

Collection of music education lesson plans:

Violin Tuition - The basics:

English-onlime has some music articles which have been rewritten to make them easier for learners of English to understand:

Materials for learners of Music at Key Stage 3 level (11-14 years old):

Lyrics Training: a website with song lyrics - learners have to type in or select the correct word for the song to contnue playing:

Youtube materials

The Genius of Mozart - part 1 of 18 part brilliant BBC documentary on the life and music of Mozart:

The Genius of Beethoven - part 1 of 18 part BBC documentary on Beethoven:

Tchaikovsky - part 1 of 12 part BBC doumentary:

Mozart vs Salierir:

"Amadeus" - Salieri and the priest:

"Amadeus" - Salieri views Mozart's music and has an epiphany:

Piano stairs:

Bobby McFerrin demonstrating the power of the Pentatonic Scale:

Find out what Londoners are listening to:

French film "Le Roi Danse" (with English subtitles) on the musical relationship between King Louis XIV, court composer Lully and the writer Molière: (Part 1): and (Part 2)

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: and

World famous violinist Joshua Bell plays the violin at a train station in Washington to see how people react:

Soldier of Orange - The Royal Danish Orchestra:

Soldier of Orange - Youth Orchestra of The Netherlands:

"Les choristes" is a French film about a teacher who starts a choir and a child who shows great musical promise:

Extract from the film Philadelphia where Tom Hanks describes his feelings as he listens to Maria Callas singing La Mamma Morta:

Music humour

Sound engineers hard work:

Sound engineer hard work Part 2:

Spoof Commercial for the 12 greatest hits of atonal music from the Viennese School:

Eddie Izzard comedy sketch on musical instruments:

Mr Bean at the openin gof the Olympics 2012:

Rowan Atkinson playing an invisible drum kit:

Online music dictionaries

An online music dictionary:

Music dictionary:

Dictionary of music terms:

Music dictionary for kids:

Publisher websites

Nelson Thornes

Films about Music

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016, Meryl Streep) - Film trailer:

Miles Ahead (2015, Don Cheadle) - Film trailer:

Love & Mercy (2014, John Cusack) - Film trailer:

Across the Universe All You Need Is Love (2007, Evan Rachel Wood) - Film trailer:

Walk the Line (2005, Joaquin Phoenix) - Film trailer:

Ray (2004, Jamie Foxx) - Film trailer:

The King is Dancing (2000, French film "Le Roi Danse") - Film trailer:

Music of the Heart (1999, Meryl Streep) - Film trailer:

Hilary and Jackie (1998, Emily Watson) - Film trailer:

Mr Holland's Opus (1995, Richard Dreyfuss) - Film trailer:

Immortal Beloved (1994, Gary Oldman) - Film trailer:

Farinelli (1994, Stafano Dionisi) - Film trailer:

Amadeus (1984, F. Murray Abraham) - Film trailer:

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